Written by Robert Blees and Beulah Marie Dix, directed by William Clemens, starring Eddie Bracken, June Preisser, Phillip Terry, and Betty Jane Rhodes.

While preparing for Midvale College's upcoming revue, which includes a trick shot with a gun, singer Susan Lawrence develops a romantic interest in Jack Mitchell, who also sings, while their friend Louise Menard is seeing Susan's brother, a professor. All are shocked when songwriter Johnny Arnold is strangled and school reporter Miles Tucker poisoned with the glue from an envelope.

A detective named McGill begins an investigation. One night Jack volunteers to look after Louise's mother, a helpless invalid. Susan becomes worried and, when she arrives, Mrs. Menard is trying to help Jack, who has narrowly avoided being killed.

With help from Louise's father, a professor, McGill deduces that Mrs. Menard is holding a grudge from a previous child's death, which she blames on an initiation rite at the school. She has also secretly exchanged Susan's trick gun with a loaded one, which she uses in the show. Everyone arrives too late, but luckily, Susan's aim is bad, Jack survives and all live happily ever after.


A Warner Bros. release, starring Ruth Roman and Richard Todd.

Once a rancher, Richard Trevelyan (Richard Todd) is now on a Texas prison's death row. But he wins a new trial, then a complete acquittal when a lone juror holds out. Actress Shelley Carnes (Ruth Roman) is on her way to a Texas dude ranch for a rest. Along the way, she meets ranchers J.D. (Frank Conroy) and Myra Nolan (Kathryn Givney) and ends up borrowing their car. Lost in a storm, she encounters Trevelyan by chance. It turns out he knows J.D. and Myra. The dude ranch is closed when Shelley gets there. Liza McStringer (Mercedes McCambridge), who runs it with a younger brother nicknamed String (Darryl Hickman), explains that she was the juror who let Trevelyan go free. And now she's being shunned by neighbors and friends. Shelley bonds with the troubled String, so she is invited to stay a while. She learns that Loraine, the late wife of Trevelyan and murder victim, was a rather wicked woman, loathed by many. There is reason to believe Loraine once had an affair with J.D. Returning the car, Shelley spends a night with the Nolans and is introduced to Harvey Turner (Zachary Scott), a neighbor who is immediately attracted to her. Harvey, too, speaks ill of the late Loraine and describes himself as lucky to have escaped her clutches. Shelley again meets Trevelyan and the two cannot resist each other. A jealous and spiteful Liza turns out to be the one who murdered Loraine, and now she nearly does likewise to Shelley before a last-minute rescue. Liza and String flee in their car, but don't get very far.


Written by Frank Tashlin (screen story and screenplay) & George Axelrod (play), directed by Frank Tashlin, starring Tony Randall, Jayne Mansfield, Betsy Drake.

To save his career, a writer for television advertising wants a famous actress to endorse a lipstick. In return, he has to pretend to be her new lover.


Writen by Don Jones & Neva Friedenn, directed by Don Jones, starring Harry Morgan Moses, Meegan King, Noelle North.

A group of teenage girls form a club, The Sweater Girls, to preserve their virginity.


A Golden Age Movies production, writen & directed by Steve Cosmic, Produced by Steve Cosmic & Jade North, Starring Claudia Luna, Jade North, and Sarah Novicki.

Three modern day actresses who love the movie fashion of the 1950’s try to copy them. A sweater girl, bullet bra documentary that is fun to watch. Learn about the history of bullet bras, and sweater girls, and the Hollywood icons who made them famous. Learn how to modify a sweater so it fits tight for the proper sweater girl look. Find out where to buy bullet bras and how to wear them in public. Follow 3 modern sweater girls as they show off their bullet bras on the street and at a beach. See them put on a show at a famous venue. This documentary also includes old footage, and old movie clips of sweater girls, with lots about how Madonna tried to popularize bullet bras. This movie is FUNNY, and educational at the same time. It is a movie to watch over and over. When friends come over, you will want to watch this movie for some good laughs. It is for women, not for men to watch. A "Chick Flick" for sure. It is about the fashions of the 50's, popularized by Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and many other Hollywood actresses. This strange fashion trend is happening now.


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