The National Sweater Queen Contest was an annual Sweater Girl pageant where contestants wearing bullet bras and sweaters would compete for the title of "Miss Sweater Girl." The pageant was organized by Wool Bureau and the National Knitted Outerwear Foundation, and held in New York.


Location: Hotel Shelburn, New York City, NY

Winner:    Georgia Lee

ยท    Winner:    Cathy Hild

Winner:     Jeanne Davis (Alabama)

    Location:       (Rockaway Playland, Rockaway Beach, Queens, New York City, NY)

Contestants: Liza DeManne, Vicki Hayes, Gloria K. Lydon, Josephine Passaro, Mary Dunne, Nicki Gray, Gloria Turner,                           Helen McKenna, Monica Deziadus, Lorie LaFreniere, Lou Dunham

Winner:          Lou Dunham

    Location:       (Savoy Hilton Hotel, New York)

Winner:          Charlene Holt


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